Geòlas is the Scottish Gaelic word for geology. Its is meant to convey the importance of basing and building projects on strong foundations. Well executed plans based on the wealth of information captured through historical exploration and, first and foremost, geology is our aptitude. From research and planning to field execution and reporting, we are able to provide the full sequence of efficient exploration. We have experience in multiple jurisdictions with a wide range of deposit types, and can help advance any project forward.

Research and Compilation

We provide high-caliber and organized research and compilation of an area’s geology and historical data, at multiple scales, to allow for well guided exploration planning and execution. From historical compilations to drillhole modeling, we can help make sense of what has been completed already, and where to go from there.

Field Work

First Geolas provides smooth and efficient work with the discipline to drive a project to success in the field. We are experienced and proficient in providing support for geological mapping and prospecting, claim staking, drill program management, logistics, surveying, geochemical sampling, and any additional tasks that may be required.


We can complete detailed petrographic descriptions of samples to further characterize the geological setting and mineralization of a project.

3D Modelling

First Geolas can provide 3D modelling of the subsurface geology and geochemistry to help understand and unlock future potential.

Permitting, Reporting, and Communication

We have expertise in permitting and assessment reporting of various projects in multiple jurisdictions. In addition, we can provide assistance in the communication stages with experience in marketing and presentations.